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We understand how hard you've worked on your project. For that reason every film is carefully considered and genuinely viewed from start to finish with undivided attention.


We love all types of dance films.

Short or long. Abstract or narrative.

As long as MOVEMENT is your mode of storytelling.

under 10min.....$20

between 10-30min.....$30

over 30 min.....$40

We want to be your forever home!


If your film is accepted, it will be showcased on our website, featured Youtube channel and social media accounts until you choose to take it down. Consider it your dance film's forever home! 

You will also become eligible for exclusive filmmaker opportunities and partnerships, such as gallery screenings, film commissions, and guest judging invitations from our partnering festivals. 

If you have any questions, contact us at

Note: Submission does not guarantee that your work will be featured. reserves the right to remove any film from the site that doesn't fit their standards of ethics or quality. For more details, please read our rules, regulations and policies.

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