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Want It All

dir Andrew Donoho and Monika Felice Smith


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A surreal dance narrative that slowly unravels into a chaotic AI driven wonderland. We open on a day party, a well dressed man sits on a sofa. He sees a woman across the room and makes a connection. They begin to dance as the others in the space disappear. The dance moves through the space, gradually introducing flashes of AI imagery. We transition through different time periods, locations and dimensions as we begin to enter 100% AI driven imagery. We end with our lead sitting back down on the sofa, the world flickering away to reveal him in low income clothes in the chair of a train, disconnecting from a VR device called “Blue Babu”. The narrative up to this point was a digital reality. Music Video for Jai Wolf x “Want it All”.

words from the filmmaker

My favorite thing to do is tell a story through movement. My 2nd favorite thing to do is collaborate with others. In my opinion, this creates the strongest and most meaningful work; when all departments are working cohesively and successfully to carry out a vision. That's exactly what this job was! When Andrew Donoho came to me with the idea and the prospect of co-directing/choreographing I was ecstatic to jump on board. This is truly a timeless love story told through movement and AI imagery. It was also really fun to play with the idea of time travel, using VR to go back in time and revisit loved ones, or even jump ahead in time...or to simply create a scenario from your thoughts that feels like reality. This is our little movie!

why we love this film

This music video took us on a movement-based journey. The cinematography was excellent and the special effects were mesmerizing.





Director of Photography

Production Designer


Production Manager


Choreo Asst


1st AC



Key Grip



Set Dresser



Playback PA

Set PA

Truck PA




Background Talent

Andrew Donoho

Monika Felice Smith

Ian Blair

Justin Hamilton

Armando Vernet

Jennifer Mika & Christian Smith

Briana Goldberg

Kya Koplin

Riley Roberts

Luke Rihl

Eric Gauntt

Dave Mclaughlin

Garrett Moore

Kevin Aguliar

Kyle Rimkunas 

Noah Lopez

Tiago Puel Correia

Kendall Spina

Makie Dawson

Kristen Maglonzo 

Jenny Rosenfeld

Chandler Berg

Andrew Donoho

the opposition party

Matt Osborne

Riley Roberts

Madeleine Beadle

Peyton Nakamura 

Jess Alba

Grace Davis

Reagan Ricossa

Megan Holeman

Emmi Xi

Binh Dang

Kieana Precious Chisolm

Tiffany Ribeiro

Jessy Marquez

Ting Arnold

Lauren Hua


meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Want It All

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