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by Vinícius Cardoso


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"We do not share pains and failures. So vanity is the price to be paid. Such a move made vanity a virtue, no longer the capital sin of pride. Bringing among its characteristics immortality. We are the civilization that put death aside. Therefore, the idea of VANITAS is to exhort the viewer to consider mortality. Pondering about death is, paradoxically, pondering about life and the ""temptations."" There is no end. This is the drama.

In Bosch's hell, she was condemned to look at her own reflection. Forever. Condemned by her vanity, she is vanity. She wanders through the darkness of the Garden of Earthly Delight. She is empty. She is Vanitas.
A latin noun that means ""empitness"" and ""vanity. And thus travel to a view of earthly life and the worthless nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. Paying for the sin of vanity."

words from the filmmaker

The power and beauty of the two women on stage is what stands out to me most about Vanitas. This is the work that marked my connection with dance, especially due to the repercussion between artists and creators and curators with whom I share the desire to create art. I created this film to be able to work with Vera Valdez, an icon for Brazilian culture. She is one of the founders of the Tropicalista movement and it was an honor to have her on stage. Above all, note that this artist's body on stage, her existence and life touch people beyond the narrative. Breaking a barrier on how we see a mature body far beyond the skin. For me Vanitas is like a mirror.

why we love this film

A brave portrait of the human body. An examination of our mortality through light and movement


Direction and Creative Direction 

Script and Co-Direction 



Movement Direction 

Art Direction 

Original Music 

Sound Master 



Electric Guitar 

Color Grading

Vinícius Cardoso

Bruno Castro

Vera Valdez 

Irupé Sarmiento

Diogo Martins

Samuel Kavalerski

Joao Zambom

Anselmo Mancini

Guilherme Chapetta

An Gottilieb

Koot Kawazoe

Rafael Amaral

Ivan Lemos

meet the filmmaker

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