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Underestimate Me

by Quinn Foster


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Embodying the sly power of being underestimated.

words from the filmmaker

I made this film to exist as an embodied ode to the subtle but motivating power of being underestimated, but persisting anyway. It is important to me because feeling overlooked has helped me develop a perspective that slices through facades and allows me to have a laugh with myself about the absurdity of institutions, systems of power and societal norms.

why we love this film

Underestimate Me presents a playful monologue that almost seems to embody romantic self-care and personal time; it includes contemplations, living in the moment, and experiences of how time changes around us, even within our own personal spaces.


Director & Dancer



Special thanks to

Quinn Foster

Seannie Bryan

"Aguas Santas" by Edith Crash

Caroline Metz

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Underestimate Me

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