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Ulrichs 1867

dir Sven Niemeyer


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Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), was a lawyer, journalist, publisher, writer, pioneer of sexology and is known as the "first open gay man" and "LGBTQ+" activist in Germany. At the German Juristentag in Munich in 1867, he publicly called for the impunity of same-sex sexual acts for the first time in a speech, which led to tumultuous scenes among the audience and his speech being broken off. Even if many things have changed since then, there is still a long way to go...

words from the filmmaker

A friend of mine and I got bullied by a group of men, just a few meters away of the Hamburg Pride Street Parade in 2019. That was the moment when the idea was born to create a dance film about this situation...

why we love this film

Say it louder for the people in the back! "Ulrichs 1867" is a film with a powerful message and one that's beautifully told through movement.






Camera Ass.

Music & Sound design


Sven Niemeyer

Markus Koepke

Tim Bantien

Jan-Julian Eiben

Andreas Schütte / Elias Müller

ONE TRACK PONY, Translation: Dr. Nina Stedman

Ricardo Urbina / Calum Flynn / Alessio Impedovo

Marcelino Libao / David Rodriguez / Pascal Schmidt

Milena Junge / Yamile Tamayo Martinez / Franziska Wolf

Britta Köster / Fides Groot Landeweer / Jonas Stüdemann

Ali Tavakol / Serdar Gökduman / Ju Thomas

Frederik Reents / Melissa Holley / Michaela Thurner

Mariyama Ebel / Charlotte Grigoleit / Yannick Illmer

Franziska Kuropka / Kathi Damerow

Miss Vander Lizm Frl. Chastity Belt / Nicolas Köhler

Stephan Brauer / Danny Penninzula  / Mark Philip

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Ulrichs 1867

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