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dir Olatz Larunbe and Bárbara Fernández


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When the forces of nature become present in a virulent way, very deep emotions and feelings emerge in our lives. Water can be our source of life as well as our source of devastation and ruin. It ravages your home and carries away your memories.

words from the filmmaker


why we love this film

The power of womanhood meets the power of nature. Gorgeous imagery makes this a must watch.


Artistic Director & Executive Producer

Audiovisual Director and Editing

Interpretacion and Creation






Original Music


Photographic Direction and Colorist

Production manager

Production Assistant

Drone company


Make-up and Hairdressing

Olatz Larunbe  

Bárbara Fernández  

Clarissa Costagliola 

Raquel Jara 

Maider González 

Marcia Vázquez 

Paula Puchalt 

Manon Jackelin 

Olatz Larunbe 

Areta Senosiain

Amets Aranguren 

David Mendizabal 

Iker Aranguren 

Kepa Larunbe


Bárbara Fernández 

Olatz Larunbe 

Javier Serra

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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