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by Trip The Light Fantastic


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TOUCH takes place in an imagined future: in this future, humans have been living without physical contact for a very long time for unmentioned reasons. We witness our characters interact with a mechanically simple device in a large, private space to experience the touch of another human being for the first time in the new, physically distant future.

words from the filmmaker

This film was a co-production with Festival Quartiers Danses during the pandemic. We wanted to show human connection physically in a safe way. We were very happy to be working during this moment and seeing each other.

why we love this film

Compelling and gripping. Beautifully shot, mesmerizing movers, and great music. Best of all, it made us feel something.





Director of Photography/Direction photo


Foley/Sound effects


Camera Assistant/Assistance caméra

Key Grip/Chef Machiniste


Special Thanks/Preneur de son

Brittney Canda

Kyra Jean Green 

Alexandre Carlos

Charles-Alexis Desgagnés

Emmanuelle Martin

Genevieve Gagné

Sara Harton

Sonik Boom

Hunish Parmar

Pamela Wong 

Juliette Lossky 

Pascal Champagne 

Nataq Huault 

Ben Gauthier 

Jennifer Pitoscia 

Andres Rodrigo Castillo 

Brittney Canda 

Bain de minuit studios

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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