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To Be Remote

dir Mitchell deQuilettes


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We are all in boxes, longing to be free.

words from the filmmaker

Through expressionistic performance, we wanted to channel the current feeling of containment and the hope that we’ll soon be able to break free from outside influence. Either it be personal, environmental, or political. Shot on 16mm.

why we love this film

Lovely faces. Lovely imagery. Lovely movement. A delightful three minutes of abstraction.


Director / Editor

Director of Photography / Colorist






Dancers (in order of appearance) 

Mitchell deQuilettes

Jack Tashdjian

Genna Moroni

Juliann McCandless

Quincy Banks

Taylour Chanel

Jordan Alex

Madaline Riley 

Tiara Jackson 

Ray Mondejiofor 

Sydney Shafer 

Nadia Maryam 

Reshma Gajjar 

Kevin Zambrano 

Matt Luck

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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To Be Remote

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