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Time Subjectives in Objective Time

dir Kati Kallio

Finland, Russia

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Three persons inside the old factory dances from room to another affirming moment of stagnation in endless time.

words from the filmmaker

Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time and magic can happen.

This was my experience of working with the dance group Zonk'a in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 2017. We originally planned to shoot some footage for the short documentary film that I was making about contemporary dancers in Yekaterinburg. After planning shootings with these amazing dancers, we realized that we actually had a film to make. A film about time, its layered nature and essence.

In the film, three dancers guide viewers through the old factory where the former and the current time have solidified. In this meditative journey the main character of the film is the factory as dancers are in supportive roles. During the filming the factory was under renovation to be the new venue of Biennale – another time layer to become.

The film ‘Time Subjectives in Objective Time’ is a part of Kallio's Searching for Flow film series. It was made in collaboration with the Russian dance group Zonk'a, as part of the 2017 Ural Industrial Contemporary Art Biennale commission.

why we love this film

A unique and powerful visual journey through an abandoned factory in Russia. A delicious concoction of art design, architecture, and abstraction.




Music and Sound Design 

Cinematographer and Editing





In collaboration with

Kati Kallio

Antti Ahokoivu

Kati Kallio

Abdissa Assefa

Antti Ahokoivu

Anna Schekleina

Aleksandr Frolov

Anna Schekleina

Aleksandr Frolov

Polina Nertitsa-Pankova

Veronica Nakrokhina

Mikhail Pantelee

Aleksey Patentniy

NCCA in Russia / Valentina Anufrieva

Dance Information Center in Finland / Anita Parri

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Time Subjectives in Objective Time

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