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Through Glass

by 420PEOPLE

Czech Republic

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THROUGH GLASS by 420PEOPLE Dance Company combines contemporary dance and a visual story that describes the image of distorted reality: “Reflections, angles of view, distorted reality... but if you hold it against a mirror, the letters will go again in the right direction."

words from the filmmaker

At the moment when the government banned theatrical performances and other mass events, I suddenly found myself without the possibility of creative creation for the audience in the traditional theatrical form. Luckily the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic saw this problem and announced a grant to support digital media. This grant enabled me to create a dance film together with the support of 420PEOPLE dance company. Support came also from the director Marek Partyš, who I invited to collaborate, together with the production company Bistro Films he often works for.

why we love this film

Excellent performances, stunning shots, and a clear voice. This felt like a book you don't want to put down.






Production & Management

Production design


1st AC

2nd AC



Make up

Photo stills



with the financial support of

Václav Kuneš

Simona Machovičová

Francesca Amante

Sylva Šafková

Marek Partyš

Filip Marek

Pavlína Šulcová

Pavlína Berčíková @ Bistro Films

Tomáš Bukáček

Vojtěch Kálecký @ Top Services

Anton Evdoshenko

Ludvík Otevřel

Dominik Bröstl

Tomáš Cicu

Miro Žila

Petr Cypryán

Oscar Charpentier

Natálie Hostačná

Vojtěch Brtnický

Bum Ticker-Graphite Man

Le 16 mars-Brique a Braq


Bistro Films


Studio Maiselovka

Národní divadlo

The Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Check out more "On Composition" on SoundCloud!

Through Glass

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