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The Invisible Inheritance

dir Martina Faux Marambio


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Laura and Gastón are two brothers who live in a house inherited, full of fortunes and heavy memories. Opening drawers and objects from the past, Laura discovers murmurs coming from there. Both brothers decide to close the doors of the house, and isolate themselves in the safe rooms. Tension grows inside the house, while outside, the popular masses demand justice, in favor of the unprotected and against the country's bourgeoisie.
Laura and Gastón dance frantically with mechanical movements trying to free themselves from the
past. Both brothers flee the house.

words from the filmmaker

"La herencia invisible" was born about two years ago, when the choreographer, Cristina Gómez Comini, invited me to take some photos of a project she was carrying out, which was a ten-minute stage piece based on the story "Casa Tomada".This stage piece was created for a theatre, but well, it already had the choreography, it already had the dancers, it already had the costumes, it even had original music created for that stage piece, and above all, it was based on the story "Casa Tomada" by Julio Cortázar, so it had a narrative to tell. For me that is one of the fundamental things I like to emphasise in video dance, that there is something to tell and that there is a narrative that can lead the spectator to understand a situation or that transmits different emotions.

why we love this film

A masterful use of silence, tension, and a narrative arc. The choreography perfectly complements the story, offering nuanced gestures and delicate unison.



Script and Direction

Executive Production


Assistant Director and Production Manager

Production Assistant

Director of Photography


Assistant Camera

Sound Direction

Art Direction

Costume Designer and Makeup

Original Music



Sound Editing

Laura Fonseca y Gastón Palermo

Martina Faux Marambio

Surcos del viento y Compañía Danza Viva

Cristina Gómez Comini

Natalia Zamar

Leonardo Martinatto

Andrés Grabois

Pablo Carnicero

Agustín Ottonelli

Adriana Ramírez

Juan Manuel Yeri Racig

Mara Arrieta

Romina Soria

Guillermo Ceballos

Martina Faux Marambio

Gonzalo Greco

Llama sonido

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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The Invisible Inheritance

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