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The Farewell

dir Kitty McNamee


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Star crossed lovers torn apart by racial divides and the call to war rendezvous for what will be their final dance.

words from the filmmaker

I was inspired to create The Farewell by Agnes de Mille’s work as an artist and activist.

In "The Farewell" star-crossed lovers Raymond and Stephanie are torn apart by racial divides and the call to war. As in 1963, the US is in a massive state of upheaval and division. In ‘63 free love was cracking open
the hidebound systems of American life, we were ‘liberated.’ As we approach the possibility of a deeper
liberation, the common thread between then and now is choice.

Agnes de Mille once described herself as a young child as “impossible... And at the same time I was the mysterious child, powerful and beautiful. I was the possible lover. When I stood in the woods alone...I was capable of passion.” I choose to view this new era through a hearty, whole and healthy lens. We will, as Agnes did, stand in the woods alone.

why we love this film

Modern day Romeo & Juliet vibes, with strong ballet choreography and mesmerizing dancers.







performed by 

Director of Photography



Associate Producer

Still Photographer

Kitty McNamee 

Kitty McNamee 

Kitty McNamee 

Raymond Ejiofor

Stephanie Kim 

Debussy’s Valse “La plus que lente” 

Jean-Guihen Queyras

Alexandre Tharaud 

Nathan Kim 

Nathan Kim Costume 

Cathy Cooper 

Julie Schmid 

Martin Chalifour

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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The Farewell

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