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St. ranger

dir Hyukjin Jeon

The Republic of Korea

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Moving subjects are rough, rebellious.
It's unnatural, it's unrealistic.
There is no beauty of traditional standards of beauty.

A woman dancing over there.
The thoughts, feelings, expressions, and expressions of the body create unfounded stimuli.

Times always want fresh stimuli and crowds put images on stimuli with their own frames.
She wants her existence, her non-existence, to be constantly transformed into something valuable.
Like a fascinating belief in religion,
The psychology of the crowd builds up an unrealistic weird tower.
And going crazy.
It appears strange but is sacredly wrapped.

words from the filmmaker

It's like she lives and breathes in my body and soon becomes a part of me.
Strange beauty, unrealistic reality... It soon becomes a routine.
Strangely or not, we have always evolved that way.

why we love this film

Yes please and thank you! A striking fusion of installation work, visual arts, and movement





Key Cast  

Director of Photography 

Hyukjin Jeon  

Jisoo Kook  

Seonwoo Kim  

Sukung Yoo  

Sumyeong Park

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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St. ranger

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