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Rough Draft

by Joseph Lim, Anne Wang, and Eve Tan


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A dance film motivated by its makers' personal struggles with self-expectation, "rough draft" is an introspective exploration of the complex and intricate discord between oneself and one's ideal.

This film serves as a canvas for the coalescence of multiple art mediums, encapsulating an artist's struggle to portray and chase her vision.

words from the filmmaker

The idea was originally inspired by a pervasive sense of inadequacy in knowledge and skill in my clinical training as a medical student, and the overwhelming pressure to match up to our seniors in the profession who seem so far out of reach - this formed the basis of the concept of the character being haunted, almost, by the ghost of their future self. Along with Eve, Anne and the rest of our team, we developed and opened up the concept to address the core challenge of struggling to be where one wants to be, and finding themselves falling short. This finally culminates in the subtle suggestion regarding the interwoven mirroring of one's current and dream self, partially serving as a cathartic hopeful reminder to ourselves to be more accepting of where we stand, and leaving the message open for the audience to interpret and apply to their own personal struggles.

why we love this film

This film captures the essence of being a young artist, wanting to be old and successful and forgetting that the journey (and the struggle) is the best part. A beautiful film.


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Joseph Lim 

Anne Wang 

Eve Tan

Anne Wang 

Eve Tan

Joseph Lim

Joseph Lim

Laurel Violet

Sophie Xie 

Lay Hian 

Janice Goh 

Ummu Sa'adah Anuar

meet the filmmaker

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Rough Draft

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