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Rencontres Fragmentaires

by Nicholas Castel, Fannie Côté


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What do we leave behind? What stays inside?

words from the filmmaker

Rencontres Fragmentaires explores echoes of our somatic experiences and their poetic footprints. Movement as a source of impression; experiencing time and our relationship to each other and our environment. Diving into Sensitive Tracks; What do we leave behind? What stays inside?

My master thesis published in 2018 looked into how each individual relationship to gravity reveals a very unique and authentic posture (and mouvement signature!), thus affecting our many relatioships to others-the world. I am still fascinated by how expressive humain movement is, and how the body is a rich universe of memories. RF started as a dance research/creation for two dancers (with a grant from CALQ). I proposed to the choregrapher Fannie Côté e few key words : imprints, trace (time-generation, sensations) and two questions : « what do we leave behind? » & « what stays inside? ». Fannie was interested in playing with the idea of space : how it affects movement and relationship (inner/outer, intimate/distance). Our showing after 30h of studio research/creation and a day of residency in the theatre was cancelled due to the arrival of Omicron (COVID) in Dec 2021. We then decided to do a dancefilm; a new project with the same essence of movement and original theme, still playing with space but with a cinematographic approach. We received a new Grant (CALQ) in 2022, editing was finished early 2023. I wanted young dancers to appear (all of them are-were my dance students) and we liked the idea of duality (inside/outside, dirty/chic, nature/city). The rest is the director’s vision and talent!!!

why we love this film

This project is exceptionally well-executed with remarkable cinematography. The compelling narrative, intertwined with expressive movement phrasing, creates a captivating viewing experience.




Choreographer / Art Direction

Director of Photography


1st AC


Drummondville Dancers 

Montreal Dancers 



Original Music

Fannie Côté

Nicholas Castel

Sandrine Vachon 

Dominic Caron

Fannie Côté

Nicholas Castel

Nicholas Castel

Curtis Halladay

Lucasie Kiatainaq

Ryley Remedios

Laurence Gagnon 

Isabella Gomez 

Scottie Ayrton Au Yeng Kong 

Gabrielle Matte 

Anabelle provencher 

Charlie Drolet 

Lili Malo  

Audrey Roy 

Olivier Dion 

Florence Charette 

Juliette Beaudoin 

Anaïs Bonneau 

Angèle Ledoux 

Nicholas Castel

Peinture Boréale par RossoModo

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Rencontres Fragmentaires

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