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dir Jacob Staudenmaier and Chris Pickering


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A man dances his heart out in a private dance studio.

words from the filmmaker

We wanted to create a film about the transformation of self that occurs when you dance - specifically for people who may not be comfortable dancing publicly. Anyone can dance and benefit from it, even if they do it alone and possess no professional skills. That's what makes it a beautiful art form. Our main character is certainly no professional. He is purely a man who loves to move his body to music. We imagined he probably lives a quiet and reserved life; not seen as a particularly outgoing guy by his friends or family. But in his solitude, when he dances, he becomes an entirely new person. A far more confident person. Dance is a therapeutic escape that allows him to expel any negative energy. It's not until someone else enters the (supposedly) private dance studio, that he is torn from his fantasy. We hope this short inspires people to let loose and feel the rhythm, even if they look a little silly while doing it.

why we love this film

"Funny, charming, relatable. We should all take a page out of this guy's book and let loose."




Director of Photography



Location Manager

Film Lab


Jacob Staudenmaier & Chris Pickering

Jacob Staudenmaier & Sophie Front

Chris Pickering

Tom Bolles

Colby Prada

Lauren Chappell


Rollin' & Scratchin' by Daft Punk

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