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by Annemijn Rijk


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A short dance film about getting up.

words from the filmmaker

As if she had collapsed from the sky. We see a creature motionless on the ground, under the mucus and with just enough power to breathe. The long legs stretched out, the knees bony. The face hidden under the arms, anonymous, alone. To survive, an apparently impossible challenge lies in the prospect: Getting up. How do you get up if you are thrown into life so hard? How do you proceed if life attacks you bluntly? How do you stand up if you don't know how to get your body together? Re: Born is dance film about the force that must be found and that must be felt in every fiber, the force that is needed to believe in the body (again), that is needed to rise.

why we love this film

The rawness and vulnerability in this film is inspiring. The performer's bravery and director's thoughtful lens make this a memorable piece.



Concept & choreography


Director of photography


Camera assistance

Direction assistance

Makeup artist & stills fotography


Financial support from 

With special thanks to

Nicole van de Berg

Annemijn Rijk

Fleur Bax 

David van der Drift

Aura Bouw

Noa Kosanović

Flip Kwakkel

Sophie Gipmans

Erik Wiedenhof

Makershuis Tilburg

Makersfonds Tilburg

Province of Noord-Brabant

Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant


meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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