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by Lukas Zerbst


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In Quiet, we accompany a dancer on a journey through nocturnal Bremen. Is he seeking silence, or indeed fleeing from it? In any case, he goes after the noise - not the obvious one, but the one you only hear when it is quiet. While he does, he escapes his city walk, again and again, by turning around, running, or jumping, and so he arrives in in several completely different settings: in a forest, on a demolition site, in a field. The soundscape that welcomes him each turn calms him down at times, yet at others, it instils restlessness, even mania. The film draws attention to what the often overheard, the inaudible, does to the body when it becomes loud, when it begins to drown out the everyday soundscape.

words from the filmmaker

Quiet describes the inner world of perception of an introverted person in a performative way. It visualizes the sensual experience in various types of public space. The camera follows the protagonist sensitively and empathically, becoming a dancing partner itself. By that it seemingly turns the performers inner emotional world outwards.

why we love this film

Mesmerizing. A filmmaker unafraid of chaos and uninhibited by conventional storytelling. Get ready to feel seen and senile watching this piece


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Director of Photography, Sound & Post Production

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Lukas Zerbst

Alexandra Morales

Andor Rusu

Lukas Zerbst

Lukas Zerbst

Gabrio Gabrielli

Michai Geyzen

Karl Rummel

Young-Won Song

Rósza Szabó

Alexandra Morales/Unusual Symptoms

Theater Bremen, 2021

meet the filmmaker

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