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Pas M

dir Ivan Skorik


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A story inspired by the paintings of René Magritte. The film was created as a part of Cinema Danсe Project at Acting Faculty of Moscow Film School, 2016.

words from the filmmaker

The film was created as a part of Cinema Danсe Project at Acting Faculty of Moscow Film School. We had a story for two as a task and we were looking for something that would bring it beyond. It took us some time for the search and rehearsals — different stories, different conceptions and still it wasn't looking like something alive. Until we came to the point when puzzle was done — and it was Magritte. He gave us just what we were looking for. A great inspiration and sense, above all.

why we love this film

The editing and production/art design in this film are outstanding. Beautiful colors, beautiful frames, and an intriguing sense of experimentation.





Director of Photography

Production Designer

Assistant To Production Designer

Makeup Artist


Clean-up Artists


Music: Pensees

Sound Design

Head Of Cinema Dance Project (Moscow Film School)

Dean Of Acting Faculty (Moscow Film School)

Special Thanks

Nikita Zheglov

Olesya Astapova

Ivan Skorik

Danila Goryunkov

Sonya Kobozeva

Anna Shanaeva

Anna Oganisyan

Ksenia Galyga

Vadim Sokur, Sergey Borodin

Oleg Sharabanov

Pensees — Existence

Ksenia Galyga

Evgeny Kulagin

Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Naira Geradze

Anastasia Ksenofontova

Angelina Ksenofontova

Anastasia Kulikova

Anastasia Lavrentieva

Andrey Maevskiy

Mikhail Podkolzin

Asya Skorik

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Pas M

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