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Out of Ordinary

dir Luca Signoretti, Tobias Buchmann, Alicja Pahl


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This film is from the everyday viewer’s perspective. It explores what it might be like to travel through the frames and screens, that otherwise keep a voyeur and his or her fanciful ideas and longing experiences at a distance and, instead, turn them into a real-life journey.

words from the filmmaker

Tobias, Luca and I wanted to create something beautiful and challenging right from the beginning. The three of us are very ambitious when it comes to quality. We are very different and yet we spoke a common language very quickly and everyone was able to contribute their strengths.

why we love this film

This film artistically explores the intricacies of voyeurism with a cinematic touch. The dancing is lovely to watch, and the overall experience is intense, suspenseful, and structurally well-executed, as evidenced by the movement vocabulary and choreographic choices. The use of light and haze to intensify the vigorous movement throughout the piece is particularly impressive. Beautifully done.






Sound Design
Producer & Distributor

Luca Signoretti

Tobias Buchmann

Alicja Pahl

Luca Signoretti

Tobias Buchmann

Alicja Pahl
Gina Calamassi

Hubert Schmelzer

Christoph Schwerbaum

Paul Taro Schmidt

Patrycja Pakiela

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Out of Ordinary

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