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No Sleep

dir Monika Felice Smith


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It’s late in the evening — or possibly way too early morning for anyone to be reasonably awake. A man is asleep in a booth, head fully down on a table in an empty restaurant. We reveal one server finishing up their shift. They take off their apron and head toward the door, turning their head to make sure they haven’t forgotten seems they don’t see the man sleeping. Something is off... They turn off all of the lights and exit the building. The man begins to stir. He seems unwell, off balance, pale in the face, eyes sunken with dark circles, clothing dated. He moves throughout the diner, not in a pedestrian type of way, more rhythmic, his movements exaggerated. The man heads to the bar. He excitedly moves behind it as if tending bar. Adriano fully commits to interacting with pretend patrons, he’s in a day dream. He hops up on the bar to lay on it and then over it to sit on one of the stools. A quiet moment, stillness. He stands and moves on, using obstacles in his way as his playground, interacting abstractly with them. He sits and has a quick conversation with no one at one of the booths and keeps moving. He comes across a table toward the back of the restaurant with an empty pie plate and coffee half full, left by mistake. He drinks the coffee and plays with the leftover fork. He’s bored, swings his legs over the booth and lies down for a while in thought, a quick rest then moves on. He heads down the aisle, dancing toward us when he suddenly turns to pass a doorway and then disappears. We reveal that the restaurant is now completely empty.

words from the filmmaker

This film is a passion project that I created, produced, directed & choreographed for Caamp, the band. I love playing with the idea of ghosts. Not in a creepy way, but more of a playful one. I like to think of our lead dancer here as having some fond memories of the diner he frequents during the quiet hours. He revisits sections throughout the diner when he was alive and certain scenarios that he's encountered throughout his years; moments, events, conversations. He approaches each set up with quirky movement sprinkled with some wit while he tells his captivating story through movement. Although the idea of this might be sad, I love the idea of making a sad idea fun.

why we love this film

Outstanding performance, choreography, and camera movement. An absolute joy to watch.


Director & Choreographer

Director of Photography

Lead Dancer/Actor 

Associate Choreographer & Server

Steadicam Operator


1st AC






Monika Felice Smith

Justin Hamilton

Adriano Bettinelli

Riley Roberts

Luke Rihl

Peter Vass

Brian Hall

Joel Anthony Gill

Edwin Wong

Russ Gill 

Nate Seymour

Sam Millman

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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No Sleep

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