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dir Isabella Andronos


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When a dance competition opens up in their town,
a group of young girls take it upon themselves to
perform their own distinct routine. The girls are
determined to show their strength, regardless of
the outcome.

words from the filmmaker

In devising music video, Monska (2020) for Sydney musician, C. R. Robin, I aimed to explore the strength of young girls, depicting them in a way beyond the dominant mode. Moving
away from representations of passivity, my work showed the young troupe performing a shadow-boxing routine. This performance involved jabs, uppercuts, hooks, elbow strikes, punches and kicks. For me, a marker of success of the project was knowing that this group of girls, who were between eight and twelve years of age, would leave knowing a suite of self-defense moves,
including how to break an attacker’s nose.
It was important to me that the Uphold Test be utilised, whereby at least half of the cast and crew would be women. On the Monska film shoot 81% of our film crew identified as
female or non-binary. Monska has screened at more than thirty festivals worldwide and in 2021 won the Women in Film and Television (WIFT)
Audience Favourite Award (2021).

why we love this film

If you've never seen 10yo girls box before, this is your chance! The dancers were fierce, the cinematography was delightful, and the tone was humorous but with a purpose.





Director of Photography

First AC

First Assistant Director

Second Assistant Director


Production and Costume Designer

Art Department Assistant

Hair and Make Up Artist

Hair and Make Up Assistant

Hair and Make Up Assistan



Unit Manager

Production Assistant


Stylist for Suzy Wrong

Stills Photographer


Head of Glamour

Chairman of the Board

Parent Committee Chair

Head of Dance Training

“Monska” by C. R. Robin

Isabella Andronos

Katherine Shearer, Isabella Andronos

Emma Paine

Carina Burke

Hattie Archibald

Naomi Fryer

Cynthia Stevenson

Isabella Andronos

Zita Walker

Amber Adams

Jade Diaz

Lindsey Chapman

Abi Portwin

Yanni Kronenberg

Fabia Andronos 

Jess Tames

Luke Walker

Roderick Ng

Kirra Nuttall

Isabella Miranda

Georgia Vicente

Gezel Bardossi

Zahlee Moore

Chloe Delle-Vedove

Athena Rose Raju

Suzy Wrong

Bruce Glen

Lauren Clair

Sheree Zellner da Costa

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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