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dir Roni Uzan Aharony


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The wonder of creation grows inside us.

words from the filmmaker

The reason I felt a strong need to document my pregnancy journey was that my first pregnancy had a profound impact on me. I realized that what I was going through, both emotionally and physically, transcended life itself. I experienced a sense of spirituality within me, coexisting with tremendous feelings of uncertainty and fear. When I entered my second pregnancy, it became clear to me that I wanted to use my body as a medium to express my emotions, highlight the changes in my body, and represent the incredible journey my baby was going through inside my womb until our exciting meeting.

I feel that this dance video is not only a significant affirmation for us women but also a celebration of embracing the changes in our bodies while reflecting on the emotional upheavals and fears. From my perspective, with all the fears and the "cost" of being pregnant, it is a huge privilege for us women to be able to nurture, carry and getting to know our babies just from the moment they are being created and to finally meet them at the end of this journey.

why we love this film

A thoughtful and emotive film. We felt like we were in the womb too, experiencing the magic and power of motherhood. Beautifully done!


Choreography and Dancing




Special thanks

Roni Uzan Aharony

Yoram Aharony

Verlatour and Awir leon

Yaara Nirel

Rori Duboff

Andrew Deutsch

Jen Lusker

James Patten

Chen Vana

Din Aharoni Roland

ALT photo studio

meet the filmmaker

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