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Man Made

by Not Brothers Co.


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In a stalemate between our obsession with plastics and our love for Mother Nature, which will prevail?

words from the filmmaker

This film came about as we were participating in an inaugural local dance film festival, which called for submissions relating to the theme "love". We wanted to stray away from the norm of love between humans, and thus we decided to explore human's love and obsession with an inanimate object - plastic. In our country, recycling is not a common practice and we are also heavily reliant on plastic products. Through this film, we hope that the audience can question their own relationship with plastics and make more conscious choices in their everyday lives. We were lucky to be able to collaborate with an amazing all-ladies Hip Hop dance crew, Xen, to create this piece together. Their choreography and costumes beautifully mimicked the movements of plastic bags and brought out the message of the film.

why we love this film

An excellent exploration and engagement with the issues of consumerism and the environment, executed through impressive dance and lasting visual moments


Directed by 

Choreographed by 




Not Brothers Co.


Jaron Boey

Ryan Foong

Andrea Andie

Jaime Chin

Madeleine Tan

Sherry Lim

Yan Ting Tan

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Man Made

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