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Little Houses

dir Gina T'ai


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A woman cares for and ultimately destroys Little Houses made from items found in nature that she built.

words from the filmmaker

Little Houses is a film reimagining of a stage work. It explores themes of creation and destruction, man-made and natural disasters, and the quiet and intimate moments of care and caring for oneself and the earth. We made the film during the lockdown of 2020 when our worlds felt much smaller and we were going stir crazy. To exert (imagined) control of the fragility of life, we created, and then destroyed, and began to create again.

why we love this film

This film reminds us that art is ephemeral, beauty is perishable, houses are destructible, and whether we like it or not, nothing lasts forever.


Director, Producer, Choreographer  

Cinematographer, Editor 



Filmed at 

Gina T'ai

Emmaline Clair

Lucy Abrams

Gina T'ai

Skelley's Farm, Beloit, WI

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Little Houses

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