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La Fuga Dei Cervelli

dir Mathieu Mondoulet & Thibaut Eiferman


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Look at nature and see if you can look at it without your analytical mind coming into play. For example, you look at a tree and you think, "Wow, what a beautiful tree," and it touches you in that moment. You become silent. There is a moment when your mind is gone. You feel the wonder of the beauty you are witnessing. In that moment, there is a pause. Then the mind begins to wonder, "I wonder what kind of tree this is... Is that an oak tree?" and suddenly the communion you had with the tree disappears because you have started to define it. You've removed the magic that you felt in the moment. You don't feel the "tree" aspect anymore, you just see an "oak". You see a word more than you see the tree.

The term "brain drain" is an expression that designates a gradual depletion or flight of youth by emigration to a more favorable place according to its qualities. We decided to use this expression not only in its geographic meaning, but to apply it to a self-transformative interpretation. How can we free ourselves from social constructs, history, identification? How can we drain our labels and find wonder in who we are?

words from the filmmaker

Here is La Fuga.
Here is a quest for sensation.
Here is the connection between our feet and the ground.
Here is the voyage away from our names and towards our nature.
An effort to return to the essence of things.
An effort to feel interconnectedness.
An effort to feel a tree.
Letting go of the labels that define us.
Letting go into each other.

why we love this film

Beautiful duet, engaging storytelling, and an intriguing sense of symbolism.


Directed by

Choreographed by


Music by

Mathieu Mondoulet & Thibaut Eiferman

Thibaut Eiferman

Thibaut Eiferman & Chiara Corbetta

Varieras // Kowtowrecords

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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La Fuga Dei Cervelli

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