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John L

dir Nina McNeely


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An absurdist dance and animation extravaganza about when cult followers turn on their leader.

words from the filmmaker

I was approached by the band black midi to write a treatment to direct a music video for their song John L. I was instantly floored by the music it was both completely new and reminiscent of the music I adored in my teenage years like Talking heads and Primus. I decided to let my mind just flow and trust my instincts no matter how absurd or wild they were. I wrote an entire prologue/backstory about the main characters in the film and the band and I decided to keep it our little secret and never share it with the world so that the visual was completely open to interpretation. This film is important to me because the band gave me their full trust which is incredibly rare in this industry. They allowed me to spread my wings and use dance as the language for telling this story. It is by far one of my favorite things I've made to date.

why we love this film

A mind-bending cross between art, dance and music. Unquestionably original and undeniably entertaining.



Exec Producer

Produced by




Asst Choreo


Hull Dancers


Editor & Animations

Nina McNeely

Coleen Haynes & Caitlin Westerman


Megan Gutman

Zachariah Dalton

Nina McNeely

Allison Fletcher

XS Studios

Xotchi West & Sebastian Hull

Raymond Ejiofor

Angel Mammoliti

Kent Boyd

Karen Chuang

Derek Tabada

Jason Martin

Diana Schoenfeld

The Entity Dance Company

Nina McNeely

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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John L

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