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dir Talia Shea Levin


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An outlet for chaos and the enduring need to connect created as lockdown took effect in Los Angeles.

words from the filmmaker

It is a strange time for art-making. Crisis reveals just what is essential. This project was born out of a need to reinvent community from a safe distance, to anchor in collective experience on the shores of a changing world. And it is not enough. There is so much work still to be done to hold each other through the chaos, to continue building together toward a new normal. We set out to ease the enormity of this transition for ourselves, for anyone who watches with us, through a shared dance: a glimpse of joy, the gasp of release found in moving alone together.

why we love this film

Talia's cinematic language in this film is so subtle yet so powerful, slowly zooming in on a community in isolation, uniting through movement.


Directed by

Choreography by

"It's Not Much Longer Now" (Music) by

Produced by




Special Thanks

Talia Shea Levin

Maritza Navarro / MUDA 

Amanda Leigh Jerry

Amanda Leigh Jerry, Alex Nee

Adam Leene

Lynn Hong

Jasmine Agredano

Juliet Deem

Kat DeVoe-Peterson

Lynn Hong

Arie Levine

Micah Moch

Katie Peabody

Soren Royer-McHugh

David Clifford Turner

Lucy the Cat 

Felipe Larrondo

Arlene Muller

Spectra Film & Video

Green Ray Films

meet the filmmaker

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