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dir Isabele Rosso


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'Immensity' explores the constant mental battle that rages within us as we attempt to attain the unattainable, seeking absolute happiness outside of ourselves. The goal, the prize, the desires we seek ultimately force us to confront our frustrations and fears of inadequacies. We become so steadfast in the pursuit of happiness through external forces, we completely neglect the infinite possibilities that exist within us. With Immensity, creator Isabele Rosso implores the viewer to accept that the horizon is not a destination.

words from the filmmaker

At the time I created this film I was deeply invested in studying and researching about the meaning of life, who we are in this vast universe, and why there is so much pain and suffering in living. As many of us can relate, we experience this constant urgency to accomplish something, to achieve the next level, to finally get to that place you have been for years of your life dreaming about it, a place that will bring you happiness and peace of mind. Day after day we blindly allow this illusion to manipulate and move us through life. We keep fighting this soft vessel or impulse that is always there - hidden behind our thoughts and conditionings - to remind us that we are not machines, we are humans. And the question I was left with during the making of this film was: "What happens when we accept where we are at and start dancing with life from that place, trusting ourselves, feeling the immensity of the life that runs through ourselves, without the need to rush or to conquer that happiness somewhere else?"

why we love this film

This felt like a self portrait of Isabele. An emotional and vulnerable performance coupled with a beautiful arc. Well done.





Isabele Rosso

Brendan Flaherty

Tristan Barton

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