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by Sue Schroeder & Adam Larsen

France, Poland

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- ecology, from the Greek oikos, or “house, and logia, or “the study of,” denoting the study of the relationship between organisms in the house of life.

home embodies universes of thought and feeling, huddled together in a finite space. home, the entwined vision and collaboration of Adam Larsen (filmmaker) and Sue Schroeder (dancemaker), exists within a metaphorical context, connecting the foundations of human existence — home, the body and nature — as inextricably linked, and acts as a record of a search for truth and the native beauty of reality. Our relationship to the earth and one another are experienced viscerally through the integration of nature, architecture, story and the moving body through film. Illustrated as a large arc, our story stretches between finding and losing oneself, reflections on the places we call home, with an emphasis on nature in human nature.

Filmed in France and Poland, Larsen and Schroeder, alongside an international community of gifted artists - from Columbia, France, Germany, Israel, Poland and the US- seek to create connection, impact, and meaning through a visually rich and poetic experience of beauty and loss, tenderness and urgency, action and recognition, mirroring and magnifying light. The work is gentle and steadfast, sharing and protecting life and in its surest moments, revealing the “we”, instead of the “I”.

home offers an enduring gift of reminding us how art becomes a lens on the world, on space and on time — a pinhole through which we can magnify the significance of our world, what we build and eventually leave behind.

Out of devotion to beauty, Larsen and Schroeder offer an homage that stands as a treasure at the intersection of art and life preserved through film, restored by touch, excavated by hand, and seeded into new life forms…home.

words from the filmmaker

Being mindful of our shared humanity, we created home with the intent to weave a poetic narrative connecting nature, shared experiences of place – stories, memories and songs of home - and the moving body. We advocate that art is a medium with a unique potential for activating empathy, compassion and understanding;, propelling us into caring through a visceral and embodied act. In the current and necessary healing process of nature, we seek to thread an empathetic affinity and cultivate a tenderness for our earth and our place within and upon it . In the myriad ways that these things are intertwined, they offer key components in recovering and restoring our relationship with nature and each other.

why we love this film

A unique hybrid between cinema and documentary, this film explores a series of human stories in a patient, compassionate way. This felt therapeutic.


Direction & Choreography 

Direction & Cinematography 


Sound Score 



Graphic Design 

Second Unit Camera 

Technical Direction 

Translation & Subtitles 

Sue Schroeder

Adam Larsen

Natalia Chylińska

Juana M. Farfan

Gilad Jerusalmy

Coralie Neuville

Katarzyna Pastuszak

Thierry Sterckval

Sarah Turquety

Christian Meyer

Natalia Chylińska

Elodie Rivalan

Marie Aubry

Marie Aubry

Piotr Werewka

Sylvain Chateauvieux

NG Subtitling

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