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Happy Ending

dir Ryan Renshaw


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In 1997 magician/psychic, Uri Geller tried to help Second Division football club Exeter City win a crucial end of season game by placing "energy-infused" crystals behind the goals at Exeter's ground (Exeter lost the game 5–1). Although made famous by his spoon-bending theatrics throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, Geller was unable to ever successfully bend a fork.

A decade later, street artist Moda was briefly hailed as the new Geller until it was revealed his world-first ‘chopstick bending illusion’ was a prank involving a small snake painted in a faux wood-grain pattern.

But beyond the negative crystal energy and rigid fork failures of Geller and the fake snake illusions of Moda, there is still a strong belief that within the mono spectrum of contemporary human endeavours we can reverse our slide down the staircase of a degenerating DNA by harnessing the power of our id.

Both the convex and concave complexity of the bent spoon is explored as a reflection of the duplicitous ambiguity of Geller and Moda; the fine line between artist and conman in a post-truth world.

words from the filmmaker


why we love this film

A perfect combination of art, special effects, pace, rhythm, and dance. Editing has never looked so impressive.




Executive Producer

Production Coordinator


Director of Photography


Steadicam Operator

Focus Puller

2nd Assistant Camera

Movi Operator


Best Boy


Stills Photographer

BTS Photographer

Make Up





Ryan Renshaw

Tilly Towler

Sara Taghaode

Rachel Owen

Jack Lister

Andy Gough

Kali Bateman

Alexander Schultz

Danny Hanneman

Alex Greaves

Logan Collier

Glenn Jones

Sam Bradley

Gail Sorronda

Kristen Hangman

Millicent Elliot

Emma-Louise Downie, Sarah Smith

Lisa Guardala


Vanessa Morelli, Rian Thompson

J’ad Kurumi, Golda Guido

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Happy Ending

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