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Going Down

by Cailin Manning


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Going Down is a whimsical dance film set in the 80's that follows the story of a lonely office clerk who spins a wild fantasy upon a chance encounter in an elevator.

words from the filmmaker

This film is a small light made in a darker time. Short, sweet, and simple, this film highlights our ability to escape into our dreamland in order to make the world a bit more bearable. A film for the hopeless romantics and the daydreamers.

why we love this film

When rom com meets dance film. A delightful film and beautiful duet that will make you believe in love-at-first-sight again


Director & Choreographer 

Director of Photography 


Steady Cam Operator 

Assistant Cinematographer 

Editor & Colorist 


Film House Location Manager 

Prop Master 

Production Assistants  


Cailin Manning

Tanner Grandstaff

Getfone Vongkhamchanh

Lenin Fernandez Jr.

Luke Holliday

Tiffany Abreu

Tanner Grandstaff

Aberration Media

Dave Donnelly

Jacob Bullock

Claire Adcox 

Kelly Etheridge

En Lea by Muddy Monk, Courtesy of Half Awake Records

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Going Down

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