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Glimpse of Us

dir Monika Felice Smith


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We begin on an empty space that looks as though its under construction. We reveal and move through a series of couples, all experiencing the same sort of miscommunication with their partner. As we carry through the piece we get tossed into the mix of dancers and the camera becomes one of the dancers in the space. We are now not only the viewer but a partner experiencing the movement. We are tossed to several partners down a line until... we come full circle and land on the same dancers we've begun with..later revealing the empty room we started with thus to allow for the idea that history repeats itself.

words from the filmmaker

I love to create stories through movement. For this piece, it was a test to see how the POV would work, if camera took on the role of the dancer. I wanted the viewer to go on more of a visceral experience, rather than just watching.

why we love this film

The interplay between the dancers and camera is delightful.


Directed by


LUME Directors


Rehearsal Space

Film / Edit


Collective Dancers



Monika Felice Smith

Monika Felice Smith

Maryann Chavez & Monika Felice Smith

Glimpse Of Us - JOJI

Evolution Studios 

Riley Roberts | The Ardor Effect

Abby Chung

Alexa Donnelly

Anasha Milton

Bethany Wolfman

Camryn Mandelbaum

Catherine Liepins

Erika Soto

Jess Alba

Kassandra Vasquez

Krystal Castillo

leanna kesenci

Madeleine Beadle

MaryAnn Chavez

Megan Holeman

Michaela Leon

Monika Sharma

Nalani Knowles

Nicholas R Sarroca

Paulina Donnelly

Tayler McGuire

Teal Drake

Tori Gorny

Cameron Fikes

Cielo Armendariz-Selzer

Danica Preciado

Andrea Holland, Lark Detweiler

Hope Maloney

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Glimpse of Us

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