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Fading Light

dir Justin Tyler Close


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Nights & Weekend's 'Fading Light' video is a love story set inside a dystopian reality, where a mysterious symbol in the sky reveals itself to our planet. Some people decide to live their lives without paying any attention to this extraterrestrial symbol, while others are controlled by its energy. "At the end of the world, society will seek only human connection."

words from the filmmaker

I made this film to make something with the Los Angeles dance community, whom I love and am constantly inspired by. Also, shooting at Erik Lloyd Wright's house in Malibu, set next to Nights & Weekends' ethereal music, with DP Norm Li and Choreographer Jasmine Alabquarue was a dream. So many incredible actors (including Troian Bellisario, Raymond Ejiofor) performers, and friends came to support the project, and I feel honored to captain the ship. The film is necessary because it's about human connection and moving through life with vulnerability and kindness.

why we love this film

This film pushes the boundaries of what a dance film can be. A beautifully told story, raw movement, and a captivating performance. If this doesn't make you feel something, nothing will!


Writer / Director


Produced by

Director of Photography

1st Assistant Camera


Assistant Producer


Visual Effects

Sound Designer

Sound Assistant

Therapy Group

Justin Tyler Close

Troian Bellisario

Raymond Ejiofor

Arts & Sciences / Ring The Alarm

Norm Li, csc

Jeremy Cox

Jasmine Albuquerque

Emily Roe

Danica Pardo

Christopher Fung

Eddie Kim

Dillon Cahill

Ari Basile

Arne Gjelten 

Babar Peerzada 

Carly Foulkes 

Emily Roe 

Kristen Montgomery 

Maria Rubio 

Tomek Sadurski 

Ves Phillippi

meet the filmmaker

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Fading Light

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