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Every Step Counts- Takano Yonen

dir by Andreas Guzman

China, Hong Kong

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A brief inside look at a Japanese soloist member of the Hong Kong Ballet, Takano Yonen.

words from the filmmaker

"Every Step Counts" is a short series of dancer portraits that I have been developing over the past year with Hong Kong Ballet. My goal is to combine dance and film in order to capture the essence of some of the beautiful artists of the company. We have a total of three films thus far and aim to make more in the coming year.

why we love this film

Refreshing, entertaining, and fantastically edited. Anyone making mini-docs about dancers should take notes.






Andreas Guzman 

Yonen Takano 

Darren Tan 

Justin Ho 

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Check out more "On Composition" on SoundCloud!

Every Step Counts- Takano Yonen

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