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Every Step Counts- Feng Jingyi

by Andreas Guzman

China, Hong Kong

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Every Step Counts is a digitally scripted series that follows the dancers from Hong
Kong Ballet in an artistic dance docu-style set against the urban backdrop and natural
landscape of Hong Kong. Created by the Hong Kong Ballet’s Creative Media Studio, the
series aims to create artistic and honest portraits of these unique and diverse human
beings in order to give the audience insight into their daily lives, rituals, core values, and
artistic influences.

words from the filmmaker

This episode takes an inside look at the artistic inspiration and rituals of Feng Jingyi, a Chinese corps de ballet member of the Hong Kong Ballet. With her athletic background, she dives into her perceptions on how demanding and rigorous ballet can be and to spark an interest in people who aren’t familiar with the art form

why we love this film

Refreshing, entertaining, and fantastically edited. Anyone making mini-docs about dancers should take notes.


Produced by 

Written & Directed by

Cinematography & Color by

Editing & Sound Design by


Ballet Master

Company Manager

Opening Sequence Photographed by

Opening Dancer

Opening Costume Designer

Ballet Excerpts “Alice In Wonderland” Choreographed by 

“The Nutcracker” Choreographed by 

The Hong Kong Ballet’s Creative Media Studio

Andreas Guzman

Darren Tan

Justin Ho

Feng Jingyi

Yuh Egami

Sarita Chan

Alix Roussel

Zhang Xuening

Joanne Chong

Septime Webre

Septime Webre

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Every Step Counts- Feng Jingyi

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