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dir Talia Shea Levin


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While waiting alone in a bus station, uncertain and insecure, one woman fights the urge to isolate herself and instead connects to the strangers around her to build a community. Set to an original song created specifically for the project, E T A combines the languages of music, dance, and film to communicate the power of unity as a peaceful weapon against the threat of division. Co-created by Alexis Floyd and Talia Shea Levin.

words from the filmmaker

The second dance film from co-creators Talia Shea Levin and Alexis
Floyd, E T A uses kinetic expression to communicate unity as a peaceful
weapon against division. Beginning from a desire to connect with others
experiencing isolation, Levin and Floyd combined the tools of
movement, music, and film to build a beacon for community. Floyd
composed an original song, “Enough,” and choreographed a dance
alongside the women of SIZA Dance Company, while Levin wrote a
screenplay based on the core concept and brought together the
behind-the-camera team to capture the story for the screen. This
collaborative process created a community as strong as the one
depicted on screen. The final film shows a woman looking beyond her
self-doubt and forging connections to the world that will make her spirit
and that of those around her grow big and bright.

Our hope is that E T A spreads connection wherever it goes.

why we love this film

"E T A" captures the togetherness we are all craving and too rarely get. The sense of community in this film is palpable and kinda makes us want to take the bus.


Choreographed by

Written and Directed by


Production Designer


Costume Designer


Artistic Director

Associate Producer

Production Manager

Key PA

Set Decorator

1st AC / Gaffer / Swing



Photographer Assistant

EditorRe-Recording Mixer

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With Thanks

"Enough" Written by

Performed by

Produced and Mixed by

Audio Post-Production Services Provided by

Alexis Floyd

Talia Shea Levin

Kevin Stiller

Jennifer Hwang

Roger Bacon

Alex Grace

Uriah Boyd

Sarah Boyce

Kyreeana Breelin

Arielle Creager

MaijaLisa Miltz

Lyla Palmer

Lex Shimko

Lyndsi Zapata

Alexis Floyd

SIZA Dance Company, Lyndsi Zapata

Ryan LaBarbera

Jud Widing

Aric Generette Floyd

Emily Bateman

Julian Terry, Alex Anderson

Amanda Leigh Jerry

Stephen Tonti

Evan Carp

John Milo Train

Emma Present

Todd Leykamp

David Clair

Hannah Bombelles

Special Order Co.

Dance Films Association

Live Arts Los Angeles

Warner Bros. Property Department

Olivia Lemmon

The Floyd Family

The Levin Family

Alexis Floyd

Alexis Floyd

Luis Munoz

Kyle Rector

Enrique Hinojosa

Connor Musarra

Darryl Swann, Connor Musarra, Justin Klatzko


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