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by Sorely Muentes Mendez

Puerto Rico

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Dicen que después de la tormenta viene la calma, pero Después explora la rabia, frustración y resiliencia que desarrollamos después de un evento de pérdida ya sea natural, mental o espiritual.

words from the filmmaker

Around 2 billion people around the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water.
There’s a saying that "After(Después)the storm the calm will come." But we really know it is not that simple. It could be dates of no water, drinking water, power and fresh food. After an emotional storm
there’s dates of instability, grief and uncertainty that it seems that the only escape is to be resilience,
For the Director this film is important because it is a claim, a grief, a liberation.

why we love this film

Paper cups have never been so symbolic. The raw emotions and the innovative use of body extensions, like the prop, are truly commendable. It radiates pure joy and is exceptionally well-crafted.




Original Sound 

Montage /Editing 

Original Idea 

Poster Design 

Make Up/ Hair Design 



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Thanks for the support 

Sorely Muentes Mendez

Raymesh Cintrón

Luis Alfredo Del Valle

Sorely Muentes Méndez

Eduardo Poty Rosado 

William Bass

Miguel Hernández

Zulmari Lamboy

Brandon Kelly

Gabriel Muentes

Colibri Sanfiorenzo

Puerto Rico Water Management

Anuk Aurora

Olaya Muentes Méndez

Luz Mendez Charneco

Ana Sanchez Colbert

Jessica Jeca Rodríguez

Joe Fish Rodriguez

Sociopath LLC

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