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Crushing Weight

dir Vinícius Cardoso


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This is a visual poem that goes from decay to light. Through him the woman walks; through abandonment. A desire that passes and is no longer there. It is transcendence amid chaos. Horror dancing. Spirit that, even when it has strength, moves with ambiguity. She is the beauty that has not yet been seen in the mirror. It is vanity still trapped in the limbo of doubt, in a jungle of furious and violent associations. There, between those walls, the soul lives in an ethereal place. She feels his body, sees him through a black mirror, a portal to his movements of anguish. It crosses without seeing, yet. She does not see herself, but she knows that everything is transient. It goes from pain to ether. From gray to clear hovering above the threshold. It is not yet the time to pay for your vanity. Such narrative gains weight represented between the ruins of a hospital and the light of the art. An exceptional connection that happened in the set of historical buildings of the Matarazzo City, located next to the Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo. The venue opened its doors for an exhibition at the end of 2014. There is an old health center, abandoned 20 years ago, and for a month more than 100 visual artists from Brazil and the world inhabited their rooms and laboratories for "Made By.. Feito por Brasileiros". So fullfilled with dance and ambivalent power of her language, she jumps off the stage to reveal new records of the moving body.

words from the filmmaker

This was my first dance film. It was my first moment understanding movement and discovering myself as a choreographer, scanning a movement drawing in editing. It is an instinctive work, made from my encounter with the camera operator and the dancer, who danced together in improvisation, giving me powerful material to open me up to dance.

why we love this film

Gorgeous locations + gorgeous dancer is a winning formula in the dance filmmaking debut for director Vinícius Cardoso.



Director & Editor 

Assistant Director


Steadicam Operator

Make-up Artist

Fashion Editor

Fashion Assistant

Executive Production



Irupé Sarmiento

Vinícius Cardoso

Bruno Castro

Diogo Martins

Aline Ballestero

Guilherme Junqueira

Renata Correa and Cacá Garcia

Henrique Tank

Guilherme Frota

Thiago Pethit

Cidade Matarazzo - Allard Group

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Crushing Weight

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