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dir Danny Gendron


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Do you know that feeling? Like you shouldn't be allowed out in the day time? // Starring & Choreographed by Kayla Janssen.

words from the filmmaker

This is a semi-experimental dance piece about what it feels like to venture out of the house after a break up. I couldn't have made it without the aid of my director of photography, Veronica Smith, and my choreographer/star, Kayla Janssen. Veronica's eye and sense of color pushed this project to be more beautiful than I ever imagined in my head. But our ultimate special effect was Kayla and the way she played the instruments that are her body, choreography, and strength. We are thrilled to be selected by and hope you enjoy "Coyote."

why we love this film

The hardest thing to do in filmmaking is to surprise, and this film surprises in the best possible way. An absolute blast to watch: well choreographed, well shot, with a terrific balance of humor, absurdism, and entertainment value.



Written & Directed by

Director of Photography

Camera Operator

Edited by

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Assistant Camera


Taxidermy by

"Hold On" (Rezident Remix) by DRAMA

Danny Gendron

Veronica Smith

Neil Watson

David Cybulski 

Danny Gendron  

Veronica Smith

Kayla Janssen   

Kayla Janssen 

Kayla Janssen

Ben Bocko

David Matthew Rodriguez  

Katie Buchholz  

Angelikah Chun  

Lindsey Lewis as Sister

Cody West as Brunch Waiter

Danny Gendron as Brunch Goer

Sarah Winters 

Veronica Smith  

Bischoff’s Animals

meet the filmmaker

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