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dir Emelie Boman


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In this dark thriller a new genre is emerging where horror meets dance film, interlaced and exciting, in way that you probably never have seen before. When Lova doesn’t come back from her bicycle ride her mother goes out looking for her. What she finds in the dark forest is far from what she could ever imagine. The search for her daughter quickly turns into a nightmare.

words from the filmmaker

In this movie I wanted to explore and experiment with the way choreography could be used and interlaced in a narrative short movie. I wanted the movements to have a purpose in the way that they would play a role in bringing the story forward. My aim was to have the choreography to feel genuine and like a natural part of the story. Therefore, to be able to focus on that, we chose to start with a quite simple story. I was inspired by different ritual movements from all over the world when creating the demons dance. I created symbols with the hands that I wanted to express a certain power and force coming from the demons. I think the hand movements add a little extra tension and are details that fit the film medium perfect. There is also something very unpleasant when you can’t see a person's face. Why I chose thriller as genre is just because I find it very thrilling and got excited by the challenge to create something scary with dance as the main expression.

why we love this film

An extraordinary genre hybrid. A thriller narrative meets dance filmmaking. This is what pushing the boundaries of dance cinema looks like, and we are here for it!




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Sound Sample Credits

Emelie Boman @bomanemelie

Julius Aspman

Minna Lindahl

Ida Boman

Emelie Boman and Julius Aspman

Viktor Lindholm

Sven Jonsson

Julius Aspman

Emilie Thelander

Ida Boman

Emelie Boman

Lill Casslind and Mattias Ehrenberg 

Film i Västerbotten and Film i Dalarna


Balettakademien Umeå

Ingrid Sandström

Alessia Nylund

Agneta Jemth

Sandra Ingberg 

Lisa Brännström 

Jenny Sjöberg 

Sari Åkerdahl 

Lena Sahlén

David Schäfer

Maria Jonsson

Ruth Schäfer and Emilia Egan Sjölander

All contributors 

Martin Nordin 

Amanda Fast 

Markus Ingberg 

Trädgård Väst

Ormvråk recorded by Lars Edenius

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