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dir Nupelda Ciftci & Marcus Witte


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Clarity is a short film that combines the art of dance with the exploration of personal growth and the complexity of relationships. In a one-take performance, we follow the journey of a young woman as she delves into her past to find the ability to make crucial decisions in the present.
The film opens with our protagonist, standing alone in a single spot on a rain-soaked stage, just found out that she is pregnant, surrounded by lights and enveloped in a mystical fog. Through her emotive dance, she embarks on a reverse chronological journey, experiencing various pivotal moments from her relationship with her boyfriend.
As the dance unfolds, we witness snippets of their story: the exhilarating highs of new love, the tender moments of togetherness, and the heartbreaking lows of conflict and separation. Each scene captures the essence of their relationship, revealing the beauty, vulnerability, and complexity that lie within human connections.
Her movements seamlessly transition from one phase of the relationship to another, choreographed to mirror the ebb and flow of emotions experienced in her past. The rain, symbolizing both cleansing and renewal, pours “up” on her as she navigates through memories, seeking understanding and clarity.
With each passing moment, the dance becomes a powerful act of self-reflection, prompting her to confront her own growth and transformation.

The film's onetaker format played back in reverse intensifies the emotional impact, immersing the audience in her inner world. The flashing lights and fog further enhance the dreamlike atmosphere, blurring the boundaries between reality and memory.
Clarity is a poetic exploration of the human experience, capturing the essence of love, loss, and the search for personal clarity.

words from the filmmaker

I always wanted to make a film with movement! In addition, the theme of time and speed has always been a topic that preoccupies me. I really wanted to tell such a story with dance and the challenge was to combine all this in one continuous shot. That was clear relatively quickly, I wanted to try something like that. The idea of playing everything backwards was there from the beginning, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought, especially in combination with the water.

why we love this film

A mesmerizing visual experience where movement and time abandon their linear norm.


Producing & Production


Original Music 





Best Girl 



Anni Bork

Matthias Sayer

Tim Ströble

Nupelda Ciftci

Marcus Witte

Marcus Witte

Nadin Ciftci

Marcus Witte

Janina Kalisch

Jesse Weller

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