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dir Kailee McMurran


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Catherine is stuck inside.

words from the filmmaker

There are many reasons on why I made Catherine: My love for cats, the drive to make art during a global shut down, and maybe the most significant reason (and why it was important to me) was to prove to myself that I could do it. Although, I had been a part of several dance film collaborations in the past, I run a dance film festival, and I had watched over 1000 dance films, I had never made my own dance film. So, I faced my fear and went for it!

why we love this film

Just wait till you get it. An excellent, comic, well-conceptualized film. This piece reveals a full, exhilarating, and innovative approach, and will make you smile (unless you're dead inside).


Film by

Music Composed by

Music Performed by

Kailee McMurran

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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