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dir Kelly Hargraves


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Before there was Ryan Gosling as the cool loner in DRIVE, there was Joe Jurd in CARGO, shot on the long, lonely high roads of British Columbia in 2009. More body/less blood.

words from the filmmaker

CARGO is my favorite of my films. It was the first time where I really was able to transfer the intention of a stage dance into the world it lived in inside my head. I make my films in a collaborative manner by workshopping them, so finding the right people to perform, shoot and edit, as well as the right location, all happens organically. This was a time when it worked so well.

why we love this film

Throwback! A dance film before dance films were cool. Innovative film with unusually satisfying movements. Classic feel with a classic car.



Key Cast


Kelly Hargraves

Joe Jurd

Grace Salez

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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