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by Jack Whiteley

United Kingdom

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Using movement choreography, Brumation explores the apathetic state of sluggishness, inactivity or torpor many of us find ourselves in at the start of a new year in the depths of winter.

Starring Paris-based French-Chinese dancer and choreographer Mathilde Lin and directed, shot and edited by award-winning UK-based filmmaker Jack Whiteley.

Bru-ma-tion : from Latin brūma ("winter solstice") + -tiō, by analogy with hibernation : a state or condition of sluggishness, inactivity or torpor, during winter or extended periods of low temperature.

In French, the word brumation also sounds like the word brume, meaning haze, relating to brain fog : confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and mental clarity.

words from the filmmaker

From Mathilde… "Brumation celebrates solitude, portraying a person navigating a big city alone. With this film, I wanted to invite viewers to explore moments of quiet contemplation and playfulness, encouraging reflection on their own experiences of solitude. Using waiting and contemplation as focal points, Brumation becomes an intimate exploration of the solitary experience, capturing the essence of being alone in the city."

From Jack… "I was immediately captivated by Mathilde upon first seeing her perform and so I offered her her own space and time in front of the camera to explore a subject of her choosing. We shot the film on a very cold January day in Paris at the end of lockdown in 2022. On a more personal level, the film is also about my own experience of dealing with feelings of apathy and self-motivation coming out of lockdown and trying to reconnect with the world around me."

why we love this film

Gorgeous use of space and time. We loved the tone of this film and the performer's zen like quality.


Director / DOP / Editor 

Dancer / Choreographer 

Assistant Director 




Jack Whiteley

Mathilde Lin

Arnaud Lin

 Nightports & Tom Herbert

Matt Turner

Zdravko Stoitchkov

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