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between silences

by Ali Kenner Brodsky


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Filmed on Cape Cod, between silences is based on Kenner Brodsky's live, emotionally charged solo, the most depressing piece... There is a richness in isolation as trauma is relayed through the body and in conversation with her surroundings. between silences portrays one woman’s journey through grief as she investigates how to love, to lose, to grieve, and to pick up the pieces.

words from the filmmaker

In May 2017, my mom passed away after living with Cancer for seven years. Immediately following her passing, I made my solo- the most depressing piece… When I first made this piece, I thought the emotionality might be too intense for audiences; instead, it resonated with them more than I could have imagined. When Rich Ferri and I turned the most depressing piece... into our dance film between silences the themes of loss and isolation, of longing and overwhelming grief, revealed themselves even more clearly. This solo, and moreover this film, has been a way for me to process my own grief, to share my story. But more importantly, it has prompted many conversations with audiences about their own losses and stories of moving through grief. This film—my body of work over the past ten years—has been about sharing my vulnerabilities and offering a space for others to share theirs.

why we love this film

Ali and Rich's collaboration is absolutely enchanting. This is a masterclass in dance filmmaking, from the sound design to the camera work, from the lighting to the editing. A truly special piece.


Choreography & Performance




Ali Kenner Brodsky

MorganEve Swain

Rich Ferri


meet the filmmaker

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between silences

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