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An Apology

by Danielle Agami


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An Apology follows a man who has lost touch with what matters most — real human connection. As he goes through the motions of furniture shopping, we get a glimpse into his imagination, filled with movement and dance. Danielle Agami's narration tackles emotions that stem from our collective isolation, what it means to be an immigrant artist in America, and highlights the spiritual sacrifices we make when we cling to damaging ideals dictated by modern society.

words from the filmmaker

I feel like the film tells why it was important to me.

why we love this film

Abstractness meets technique, with gorgeous use of space, composition, and color.


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Christian Evans

Danielle Agami

Lorraine Evenoff

Cheryl Mann

Danielle Agami & Collin Del Cuore

Collin Del Cuore 

Danielle Agami

Collin Del Cuore

Danielle Agami

Jobel Medina

Paige Amicon

Montay Romero

Cacia LaCount

Evan Sagadencky

Isaac Spector

Jordan Lovestrand

Santiago Villarreal

Jim Rodney

Michela Muratori

Mimi Haddon

Jon Wang - 1st AC

Anne Hirschmann - 2nd AC

Otto Betancourt - Key Grip

Colin Moore - Grip

Indeana Underhill - Gaffer

Kane Borchert - Electric

Robin Reinfreid - Mixer

Camila Arana - Set PA

JD Crabtree - Set PA

Amber C. Talarico

Karissa Symmons

Carmina Warner

Grace Riley

C&M Cafe LA

Jonathan Suarez

Miro Calderon

Michael Archacki - Ascension Post

Allison Calleri

J. Michael Moshell & Carole Mann

Jim Rodney

Nadav Heyman

Lorraine Evenoff

Deidre Shannon

Catharine Soros

Ariel Carpenter

Michela Muratori

Carmina Warner

Mauricio Ocampo

Allison Calleri

Selena Moshell

Paige Oliver

H.D. Buttercup

Fredo Tovar

Claire & Sam

Lighthouse Rentals

Robert L. Levy

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An Apology

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