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A Poem for Giselle

dir Diana Mora and Camilo Correa Costa


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Through the reconstruction of memory and reinterpretation of the classical ballet "Giselle," Diana develops a message of solidarity with Bolivian peasants of the North Potosí, thereby illuminating the impact of racism in a postcolonial global society and mending her own connection with her lineage and personal identity.

words from the filmmaker

I wrote "A poem for Giselle, a poem for a peasant", after the massacres that happened in Bolivia in 2019. Searching for the identity of my grandmother and trying to reconnect with my roots, I saw it necessary to use the language of ballet to find my way to express what I needed to express. It is my first time as a director and my intention never was to engage in a professional path with dance films. This movie comes from my heart and the suffering I witnessed/went through since 2019. It was a political and spiritual necessity to write it and direct it while staying true to my process of healing colonial wounds.

why we love this film

Every once in a while, a film has so much soul that nothing else matters. A beautiful expression of culture, longing, and advocacy.


Directed and Produced by

Written, Choreographed, and Danced by

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Diana Mora

Camilo Correa Costa
Diana Mora
Jurijs Saule

Luzmila Carpio
Adolphe Adam

Tim Adams
Jurijs Saule

Rodolfo Briones

Diana Mora

Camilo Correa Costa
Jurijs Saule
Diana Mora

Mauro Arrigada
Luana Pignato

meet the filmmaker

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A Poem for Giselle

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