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A Part

dir Erika O'neill


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Follow four young dancers trough an a apocalyptic fever dream where they remind us of the importance of social interaction and human closeness. This film is based on stories from young voices about growing up during a pandemic. A story about being young in a world full of restrictions, boundaries and distance.

words from the filmmaker

During the pandemic I suddenly had a lot of spare time to create - but as we all know it, no live audience. As a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher this was a really hard time for me as I had no work opportunities and all my dance classes got cancelled. In april 2020 I received a scholarship for 2000 euros to create a piece about the Covid 19 situation and I realized that dance film was the best way to reach an audience. I had worked with Simon before by creating music videos and I really love his artistry. I wanted him to give the film his unique artistic style because from my point of view, he was the only one who could make this idea as feverish, emotional and epic as I wanted it to be. I presented the idea of A Part for Simon and together with the young dancers I believe we created something very special and unique for the Swedish dance film scene.

The location and architecture in our film plays a huge role in the film. We wanted to create a fever dream of the covid 19 situation. A portrait about being young and growing up during a pandemic. To be apart from your friends and robbed of your activities and hobbies. We wanted to portrait both the claustrophobic feeling of being in a lock down but also and the distance of being apart from each other. So we built plastic boxes and a blue floor with restricted areas in a desert to give perspectives of being in lock down. The boxes, the floor and the dancers also represent the first part of the pandemic; the virus breakout, the restricted areas and contamination. Also the costumes and floor choreography are inspired of the shape and color of the virus.

We made this film to shine a light on how much the pandemic has affected our kids and our younger generation. The emotional scar of the boredom and tristesse, the quarantines and social distance has left on our children is something that we cant neglect. The covid 19-situation has been rough on all of us and we all have lived through a really tough time. As a choreographer, dance teacher and a mother, I sense that in the middle of this `apocalypse’ we forgot our children’s mental health and their need to physically integrate with friends, attend to their activities and go to school. Things we normally took for granted was taken away from us. While the adult world predicted the end of humanity and started to bunkering hand sanitizers and toilet paper we neglected our kids feelings and emotions, their losses and their worries. We want our film ‘A Part’ to be a reminder for the adult world to listen to our children's thoughts and feelings . Its also a a piece of art that we created in order to give comfort and trust to those who might need it.

why we love this film

Sensational production value and a beautiful merging of nature, dance, art design, and camera work.







Erika O'Neill and Simon Hjortek

Irrbloss Produktion

Eriak O'Neill

Simon Hjortek

Kajsa Norman, Linn Stääd Hedberg, Hilda Hedin & Elin Busk

meet the filmmaker

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A Part

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