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Ghosts In You

dir by Rafael A. López, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu


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About grief…

words from the filmmaker

Rafael A. López’s approach to filmmaking aims to interrogate the relationship between fiction and realism, by crafting environments where the camera becomes an omniscient observer of reality; therefore letting go of the idea of performance. For López, the micro lens of human experiences becomes an open door to exploring the duality of the human condition. Being raised between two countries, establishing a sense of belonging has proven difficult for López. When the political situation in Venezuela became too unstable, They had the privilege to call Switzerland "home" yet without it ever truly feeling like such. As a result, the concepts of belonging, identity and grief in their many forms, inspire López’s work. In GHOSTS IN YOU, López's creative approach was more instinctive and organic, all the while being guided by the recent loss of a parent. Meanwhile, Wu and Lopez kept to themselves their own connection to grief throughout the creative process –as a means to focus on the feeling rather than the cause. This opened the door to new ideas, emotions, and egoless free-flowing collaboration.

Hanna Tzong-Han Wu sees the works she makes as opportunities to connect to the world and the people in it through the language of dance; as a first-generation immigrant, Wu's surroundings and the people in it become the only things promised that do not remain. And parting becomes a part of her life. In GHOSTS IN YOU, Wu is dedicated to talking about something universal that everyone must go through: the heartbroken, the comes and goes, the fallacy of permanency. It’s raceless, genderless, divideless. It's human. Wu strives to understand such unalterable human nature, with more research on elegy in depth, exploring the invisible pain, expanding beyond the concept of grief in reality. Inspired by multiple poems and metaphors, this project speaks to its audience through its multiple forms, including film. In collaboration with artists who share similar vision and belief, Wu and collaborators physicalize the experiences in an effort to truly cope, heal, let go, and ultimately mourn over the natures of life.

why we love this film

A mind bending film that'll make you feel claustrophobic and introspective at the same time.


Co-directors Rafael A. López, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu

Cinematographer, Editor, Color Grader Rafael A. López

Choreographer Hanna Tzong-Han Wu

Cast Annika Moseng

Production Assistants Ariel Ling-An Huang, Tokie Wang

Costume Designer: Yi-Lun Chien

Rafael A. López, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu

Rafael A. López

Hanna Tzong-Han Wu

Annika Moseng

Ariel Ling-An Huang, Tokie Wang

Yi-Lun Chien

meet the filmmaker

a podcast

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Ghosts In You

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